Shocking snaps reveal terrible construction fails

Health and safety NOT gone mad! Shocking snaps reveal terrible construction fails

  • Images from around the world by Bored Panda showcase disastrous projects
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There’s no frustration quite like it than the disappointment of finding the final result of building work isn’t to your liking after months of construction.

And these photographs prove you should always check references before hiring a professional workmen.

This gallery of images from around the world by Bored Panda showcases disastrous building and renovation projects.   

There is a picture of a woman on a street in Colombia trying to reach a telephone which is at an unobtainable height.  

In the US, a gate which says ‘sidewalk closed’ can easily be bypassed by walking on the grass beside it. 

An escalator to… nowhere! These people had a nasty surprise when the escalator they took led them to nothing other than a brick wall 

A restaurant has a disabled toilet, however, you have to walk up a couple of steps to access it, which makes it useless for those who are physically disabled.  

Someone has built a bridge over a pool, but there was no need to have one as there was a path there to begin with.  

Elsewhere, a picture of a sinister slide shows a cement pit at the bottom of it, with no indication as to where it leads to. 

Here, FEMAIL have put together a list of the most baffling construction fails that may leave your head spinning. 

You can’t park there! It is baffling how this space in a car park was built, as the curb and barrier either side means you cannot access it 

This picture, thought to be taken in Colombia, shows a woman struggling to reach a telephone which is placed at an unobtainable height 

Hidden camera! This person invested in a CCTV camera, only to install it in front of something  which blocks all vision 

The most pointless bridge: Imagine forking out money to build a bridge when you didn’t need one in the first place?

Tick Tock: Whoever put this clock up clearly did not think it through, as half of it is covered by a metal pole. Not to worry, they wrote the numbers over it 

The sole purpose of a sink is to capture the water so it has somewhere to drain – clearly this plumber did not get the memo

This sinister slide leads to a cement pit, which begs the question – how did this pass regulations?

This sidewalk in the U.S does not have a very strict security measure, as you can easily bypass the gate by walking across the grass 

This restaurant has a disabled toilet, however, you have to travel up some stairs to access it, defeating the purpose for those who are physically disabled

If this fan turned on it could cause chaos, as the projector blocks the blade. Talk about a botched job! 

If a car was to park in this disabled spot in the car park, it would singlehandedly block three cars in

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