Walkers axes another flavour leaving fans gutted – but you can still find them

Walkers is best known for manufacturing potato crisps and other snack foods.

But in recent months, the crisp company has axed a series of flavours from its line-up. First it removed a popular crisp flavour with "no notice".

Salt and vinegar Quavers left shelves, as did the Worcester sauce flavoured crisps, leaving Brits utterly devastated. Now it's happened again folks…

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Walkers confirmed it's longer making Max Wasabi Peanuts. One fan took to X, formerly Twitter, to share their heartbreak.

The user posted: "@Walkers_Crisps have you discontinued the Max Wasabi Peanuts? I can't find them anywhere!" Then Walkers revealed the heartbreak.

A spokesperson replied: "We're sorry to break it to you, but we're not making this flavour anymore." But for those who love the Max Wasabi Peanuts can still find them around.

Despite stores like Asda showing the item as no longer available, you can still spot them in supermarkets including Tesco and Ocado. But you'll probably have to be quick!

Sadly Walkers isn't the only brand to ditch a few favourites from its line-up in recent months leaving Brits gutted.

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Firstly, Mars ditched an iconic chocolate flavour which outraged foodies claimed was "criminal". Brits had to say goodbye to the dark chocolate Bounty bars.

Then Nestle binned another popular product after Brits mourned the death of Ceramac. Sadly the Animal Bar has been discontinued.

It first appeared as far back as 1959, and proved to be a big hit ever since. It was initially sold under a different name by Mackintosh's, but then it had a rebrand in 1963.

Even though people have always loved munching on the bars, sales are said to have "steadily declined" in recent years. This is what led the brand to bin the fan favourite so quickly.

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