You've been ironing shirts WRONG! Expert's smart trick removes creases

You’ve been ironing shirts WRONG! Expert’s simple trick banishes creases

  • Ever wondered how to iron around pesky buttons? A pro-ironer has shared tips
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Ironing is a simple enough chore, but for those with a pile full of laundry to get through the task can quickly turn tedious. 

And no doubt parents will be glued to their ironing boards this weekend preparing their kids for school after a long summer. 

But one ironing pro has just made life ten times easier, revealing how to complete the task in a matter of minutes. 

In a TikTok video, posted by ironing brand @laurastar_official, a man shared his simple method, which many people get wrong. 

People are shocked after finding out the correct way to iron shirts, after an ironing pro told them they’ve been doing it wrong 

The ironing whizz claimed that most people avoid shirt buttons like ‘minefields’ , but he has an easier method to get your laundry done in seconds

In the video titled ‘Ironing shirts just got a whole lot easier’, he begins by placing a shirt on an ironing board with the buttons facing up. 

He said: ‘If you iron your shirt like I used to. You probably iron around the buttons avoiding them like they are minefields.’

But he then claims that method is ‘not right the way to do it,’ and begins demonstrating his simpler trick. 

He explains: ‘Start by flipping your shirt inside out, let the iron glide across the fabric, one and voila.’

‘Smooth and wrinkle free,’ he adds. 

The man proceeds to flip the shirt around and shows how the space between the buttons became flattened and crease-free. 

Since being posted, the video has been seen one million times and thousands of users flooded the commenters have been amazed they had never tried his technique before. 

One person wrote: ‘Wow I never thought to do it this way. Thank you for sharing.’

According to the expert, all you need to do is flip your shirt and flatten the fabric from the inside

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Another commented: ‘Feel like an idiot – of course you can just flip the shirt!’

Meanwhile, others claimed that they had already clocked onto the idea, one user commented:  ‘Knew that!’ As a second said: ‘Been ironing like this since the 80s.’ 

After much demand, the ironing pro posted a part two to the video, which has gained 1.8 million views.

Sharing a method to tackle a tricky sleeve, the man said: ‘First, fold the top of the sleeve then start steaming from the inside of the shirt, kind of like a balloon.

‘By doing that, the fiber softens and it already smoothens out the fabric.’

He claimed: ‘It makes the ironing much easier.’

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