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SPACE for luggage on planes is at a premium, but passengers often don't make things easier for themselves, or other people.

There's certain unwritten etiquette rules that should always be followed when using the overhead luggage compartments on flights.

One of the main errors that people make with the overhead bins is putting too much stuff in them, including things that simple shouldn't be in there.

Heather Wiese, a Dallas-based etiquette expert explained exactly what should and shouldn't go into the bins.

She told Stuff NZ: "Overhead compartments are primarily for carry-ons that don't fit in under the seat.

"Everything else is extra, and should be stored up top only when everyone has boarded and at least attempted to store those bigger bags first. Then you can stake more square footage."

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Backpacks, jackets and other smaller items should all be stored under the seat in front if possible.

Meanwhile, you should try and use the bin directly above your head if possible, if not, choose the next nearest one available, preferably one further forward than behind.

Stuff say that putting your luggage in a locker behind your seat will result in you fighting the flow of traffic to get your bag once the plane lands.

However, if you have no other choice, it's then your responsibility to wait for everyone else to get off the plane first before grabbing your bags.

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Finally, Stuff said that passengers shouldn't ever expect the flight attendants to help them with their luggage.

They said that the cabin crew motto is: "You pack it, you stack it."

It's a rule that Sun Online Travel's resident flight attendant completely agrees with.

They said: "It's simply not our job to be lugging your cases around the cabin for you.

"If you can't lift it, then you've packed too much for your holiday.

"You should only ever pack what you need, or what you're comfortable carrying.

"Expecting us and other people to help you drag your case around and lift it up into the overheads for you because it's too heavy is so rude."

However, there are a couple of exceptions to that rule.

"If you're not tall enough to reach the overhead bins, that's a different story, or if you're not able to pick it up for a physical reason, we don't mind helping.

"But I'm not risking a back injury just because you wanted to pack five pairs of shoes and couldn't lift it above your head as a result."

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Meanwhile, these are the etiquette rules for avoiding arguments on planes.

And this is when you should never recline your seat during a flight.

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