Putin’s body double ‘officially’ changes his birth name to mimic Vlad’s

Vladimir Putin is "dead" and his body double will represent him in next year's elections, according to a Kremlin source.

Claims that Mad Vlad had died surfaced last month, when it was suggested he had suffered a heart attack. It had been reported, for much of the last two years, that Putin had been suffering from a myriad of apparent health issues, with a heart attack apparently being the final nail in the coffin.

And now a cooky Telegram channel that purports to be a Kremlin link has claimed that Putin's double has officially changed his birth name to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

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The double is said to be being managed by Russian Security Chief Nikolai Patrushev. The 'source' has claimed there is now a new "political reality" called "Politburo 2.0" that constitutes a transition of power from real Putin to fake Putin.

"The agreements on the formation of a new political reality are as follows: a fundamental, compromise agreement has been reached on a large transit of power. The president's double will represent the ruling regime in the presidential elections next spring," General SVR said.

When 'Putin' inevitably wins the allegedly rigged elections, as genuine Putin usually does/did, a new government will be formed with Dmitry Patrushev as Prime Minister, the channel added.

He will head the new government, while only a few people will retain their positions in the current format.

For example, Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov will retain his position. Sergei Shoigu will remain Minister of Defense. The eldest daughter of 'the late Putin', Maria Vorontsova, will become Minister of Health, the source claimed.

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Igor Sechin will become another deputy Prime Minister. The FSB (Federal Security Service) will be headed by Sergei Korolev, it added, saying that "we will publish all planned changes after the New Year."

But the madness doesn't end there, for the whole charade is allegedly a plan for Patrushev to install himself as President of Russia.

"After six months of the new government, Putin's understudy will announce his resignation, introducing Dmitry Patrushev as his successor," the channel went on.

"These plans have been approved and agreed upon, BUT may be adjusted. The double of the Russian President changed his last name, first name and patronymic, now he is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, this essentially does not change anything, but Nikolai Patrushev thought that it would be right."

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