Russian train driver ‘dangled from balcony’ for showing Ukrainian colours

A train driver has been dangled from a balcony in Russia for painting belongings in the blue and yellow of Ukraine, according to Russian media reports.

A policeman reportedly beat the train driver and threatened to drop him off the balcony after spotting Ukraine colours in the 27-year-old apartment in the city of Pechora.

An investigation has been launched into the incident according to the Russian news site Baza.

On June 8, the police officer identified as “Denis E” noticed that many items in the apartment opposite had been painted in the national colours of Ukraine.

Deciding that this was a deliberate provocation “Denis” called a friend “Ilya Z”, according to Baza.

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The pair entered the apartment of the train driver, named “Nikolai L” and immediately pushed him over the balcony and held him dangling above the street.

After a terrifying few moments, the pair reportedly lifted “Nikolai” back over the railing and proceeded to beat him.

The state of the injuries “Nikolai” sustained is – not clear nor the motive behind the displaying of the blue and yellow items.

Anti-war activists in Russia are understood to have been organising protests in the form of displays of Ukrainian colours to coincide with the marking of “Unification Day”.

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“Unification Day” in Russia is a new public holiday introduced by order of Vladimir Putin to mark the annexation of the claimed regions of Ukraine.

Thousands of Russians flocked to Red Square for the “Unification Day” celebrations which featured concerts from “patriotic” rock bands.

Pictures from Red Square show crowds waving Russian flags under the banner, “One country, one family, one Russia”.

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