Woman who threw dog to her death off car park roof said she ‘did her a favour’

A woman who threw her pet from the top of a multi-story car park has been jailed after claiming she was doing the dog "a favour".

Horrifying footage showed Amy Judge, 26, chuck her Maltese Shih Tzu off of Westfield Whitford City's shopping centre in Perth, Australia. The 10-year-old dog, named Princess, suffered catastrophic injuries and was later put down.

A passer-by who found the animal assumed the dog had been hit by a car, though Judge later admitted to the crime in a Facebook post and has since been jailed for 12 months.

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The incident, which happened in April 2022, was captured on CCTV, with Ms Judge now banned from owning an animal for the next 10 years.

Her partner was present for the incident and was handed a £1,335 fine and banned from owning animals for three years for failing to seek vet care for Princess.

Their tiny dog fell a fatal nine metres and a later Facebook post where Judge is deemed to have shown a lack of remorse was posted soon after the event. Pet owner Judge came clean in a post which racked up over a hundred comments, the New York Post reported.

Her post read: "I can't live with the guilt, I threw my dog off the top story of a shopping centre carpark and watched her fall to her death but she survived and needed to be put down due to how badly I injured her".

Further extracts read: "I killed my dog" and "I did her a favour because all I did was hurt her and abuse her." In sentencing, Mark Millington said Judge had shown a lack of remorse in the "planned, deliberate, and intentional act."

RSPCA WA Inspector Manager Kylie Green noted the incident as an "extremely confronting display of animal cruelty", adding: "Dogs can be so trusting, and they rely on their owners to keep them safe. I can’t think of a more disgusting betrayal of that trust.

"I hope it also sends a clear message to the community that intentional cruelty towards animals is extremely serious and won’t be tolerated."

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